April 2019: Shindig Magazine (p. 30-31): The Revolutionary Girl - an exploration into the classic ‘Petit Garcon’ by 1960s Yé-yé singer Zouzou

Beat Girls Espanol: 1960s She-Pop from Spain - liner notes

Interview with Record Collector Magazine. Read it here

Research Assistant to Amy De La Haye, London Couture: British Luxury 1923-1975 (V&A Publishing, 2015)


March - May 2019: Acting as industry partner, working with Collaborative Unit students at the London College of Fashion to plan an exhibit and an overall, comprehensive exhibition on the 1960s Yé-yé Movement.


Actively promoting and planning events: starting with Club Lovemaker/Lovebuzz in 2004-2006 to Club Minijupe’s inception in 2009 until now. Record DJ with experience of spinning at various locations throughout LA and London. Notable performances include the Andy Warhol preview event at the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles) and the 'Dennis Hopper: The Lost Album' at The Royal Academy